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Tune in to The Grind Podcast for what it's really like to lead in entrepreneurship, investing, and family business. Listen below now, and subscribe to be the first to hear new episodes. 


Ep 20: May 27, 2022: What's Up with Interest Rates?

This week, Chris shares six key indicators about the housing market to help new and seasoned investors make sense of the current trends in interest rates. Face your fears with facts and commit to your grind!

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Ep 19: May 20, 2022: Must-Read Real Estate Books

Think you've read everything on buying and selling? Chris might surprise you with his top reads list! This week, Chris talks through books you might not have been recommended before but should definitely add to your library. 

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Ep 18: May 13, 2022: Financial Freedom

What is that magic number you're working towards to secure your comfort? This week, Chris disrupts all your ideas about "financial freedom" and your "freedom number" and leaves you with practical advice about how not to get swindled by buzzwords on your way to your financial goals. 

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Ep 17: May 6, 2022: Cash Flow vs. Appreciation

What kind of investor do you want to be? This week, Chris shares three differences between strategies that optimize cash flow or appreciation, and how you can set your own expectations accordingly. 

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Ep 16: April 29, 2022: What Successful Investors Do Differently

How do you take your investing to the next level—or even get yourself off the ground? Take Chris' advice, which this week is all about what to have on hand when opportunity arises: great questions. 

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Ep 15: April 22, 2022: "I Like to Lead More Than I Like to Follow"

This week, Chris welcomes another guest: personal trainer and experienced investor David Allen. David's story is for anyone who is or has been "young, dumb, and broke." Hear how he navigated his passions and education in order to invest in others as well as himself.  You'll also get the origin story of Chris' approach to "motivation," so listen up! 

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Ep 14: April 15, 2022: Pick a Winning Market

How do you know is a market is worth investing in? If you know us at all, you know this is a KEY question!

This week, Chris walks us through what data you need to know and where you need to look to find the true pulse of a market. Learn from REI Nation's best practices, and make a choice that will pay you back for years to come! 

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Ep 13: April 8, 2022: Interview with an Investor

This week, Chris is joined by a special guest: long-time REI Nation investor James Baker. Listen up as he and Chris discuss the "why" and "how" of getting started in investing, plus experienced wisdom in accessing retirement funds and creating LLCs in the process! 

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Ep 12: April 1, 2022: The Real Estate Ecosystem

Do other investors know something you don't? This week, Chris walks us through the factors that have impacted the real estate market over the last two years and what we can expect the impact to be from current events.

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Ep 11: March 25, 2022: What It Costs to Learn for Free

Is it worth it to be a student of your industry? Of course! But how much should it actually cost to continue your learning? 

This week, Chris shares where and how to get a "real" education as well as best practices for working with a mentor. 

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Ep 10: March 18, 2022: Team Takeover

When Chris is away, Kent will play—with the microphone!

This week, we bring you a trio of REI Nation and Premier Property Management's most experienced team members. See what they have to say about investing, property management, returns, customer service, and more! 

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Ep 9: March 11, 2022: The Business of Property Management

Are you an investor unsure of what kind of company to work with? Are you an entrepreneur looking to take on properties to manage? Listen up!
This week, Chris shares what key pieces of the property management business to understand before venturing further. 

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Ep 8: March 4, 2022: Know to Grow

If you're dreaming about going bigger as an entrepreneur or investor, you might be wondering what numbers you need on your side. This week, Chris breaks down the top numbers you need to know, and how to expand regardless of the market or where you are in your debt cycle. 

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Ep 7: February 25, 2022: Time to Go LIVE

Are you an investor wondering if now's the time to press on or pause? This week, Chris shares what you need to know about today's market.

Don't miss the behind-the-scenes of this podcast's live recording by visiting the REI Nation Facebook Group! 

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Ep 6: February 18, 2022: Can You Invest Without Money?

Maybe your money is beyond your reach—dedicated to paying off student loans, saving for your own kids' college, or tied up in other long-term programs. If that's the case, can you still be an investor?

Chris breaks down how you can jump into real estate investing no matter how limited your resources are. Time to get creative!

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Ep 5: February 11, 2022: Twenty Questions

How do you vet a potential investment partner? How can you trust that their answers align with their actions? 

Chris has twenty questions you should keep on hand any time you sit down with someone you might invest with—you're gonna want to take notes!

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Ep 4: February 4, 2022: Can Chris See the Future?

In this week's episode, Chris takes a look back at three prediction articles he shared with his company's investors over the years.

How well did Chris do when imagining where the real estate market would go? What predictions does he have for us now? Listen for yourself! 

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Ep 3: January 28, 2022: Cogs in Your Cash Flow

What formula are you using to calculate cash flow for a potential investment? Allow Chris to rewrite it for you!

Any investment should be prepared for the unexpected, but there are certain risks you can mitigate from the start. This week, Chris shares more about the basic math of investing, and how you can more quickly assess whether a potential property is the right one for you. 

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Ep 2: January 21, 2022: Reach Beyond "Realistic"

In this week's episode, Chris shares a recap of the REI Nation twice annual staff meeting, including goals that were hit—if not exceeded—in 2021. 

How do you dream big AND achieve big when the headwinds are against you? We'll show you how! 

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Ep 1: January 14, 2022: Making Moves or Making Excuses?

The time is now! But there's no need to rush. 

As we kick off the second season of The Grind Podcast, Chris demonstrates the difference between patience and procrastination, and shares why sometimes being stuck is the best place to be! 

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Season One

Ep 30: December 30, 2021: Dream Big, Act Small

Thinking about making some hasty resolutions? Don't worry, Chris has a plan for you to implement when the sugar high wears off. 

As we wrap up 2021, Chris reminds us of all the small ways we make 2022 even BIGGER. 

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Ep 29: December 23, 2021: Law & Disorder

As we enter a new chapter of workplace norms, what policies do we make about cell phone use at work? Chris wraps up the last few episodes with a new take on multitasking, thriving, and mental health for you and your team. 

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Ep 28: December 17, 2021: Keeping Your Commitments

Sometimes, being the boss means being held accountable to the things you say you'll do. Why? Because that's the #1 way you gain or earn the trust of everyone working with you! 

Listen up as Chris walks through why following through on your commitments is essential to the entrepreneur, investor, and more! 

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Ep 27: December 10, 2021: Why DIY Is More Expensive

At every step along the way, investing takes major time, energy, and connections. Passive investing, after all, is relying on someone else's time, energy, and connections to do the work for you!

Whether you're a prospective real estate investor, or simply trying to rearrange your office, Chris lets you in on why doing things yourself can often cost you more—one way or another. 

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Ep 26: December 3, 2021: Let's Talk Mental Health

This week, Chris reacts to two articles breaking down how to establish healthy wellbeing in the workplace.

Will Chris agree? Listen up to find out! 

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Ep 25: November 26, 2021: The Whirlwind Entrepreneur

Are you the type of person who lives by a planner? Or are you winging each day on your way to your goals? 

Chris shares more about how he works, and how you can commit to your grind regardless of your personality! 

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Ep 24: November 19, 2021: But Seriously, Don't Buy Cheap Houses

Didn't believe us the first time?

Listen up as Chris continues to explain why you should JUST SAY NO to cheap real estate, especially if it's outside your local market!  

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Ep 23: November 12, 2021: What Return Should I Expect on My Investment?

A popular question for new investors or entrepreneurs is, what kind of return is a good return? Is it worthwhile for me to invest?

This week, Chris shares what you should expect when you're investing, and how to make confident choices along the way. 

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Ep 22: November 5, 2021: Addressing Negative Reviews in 3 Steps

Don't let that bad Google review shake your confidence! Chris walks you through how to handle bad comments in three steps, so that you can continue feeling confident working with upset clients—or any other clients for that matter!

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Ep 21: October 29, 2021: Ditch the Myths About Investing

Have you heard that there's a better window of time to start investing right around corner? Or, that you have to own a home before you buy an investment property? This week, Chris is here to break down those myths, and tell you some new truths. Listen up! 

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Ep 20: October 22, 2021: A New Top 5 for the Entrepreneur

This week, Chris shares his rebuttal: a NEW top list of qualities in a successful entrepreneur.

Missed last week's episode? Catch up now

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Ep 19: October 15, 2021: Chris Shuts Down "Top 5 Entrepreneur Qualities"

Chris tries something a little different this week. Listen as he blind-reacts to a recent article, and ranks their list of every entrepreneur's must-have qualities. Do you agree? Stay tuned for part two, where Chris gives you HIS top five list!

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Ep 18: October 8, 2021: Marketing by Saying No

This week, Chris delves into how saying no can do wonders for your brand. It's one thing to have a customer come to you wanting to do business. It's another thing if they're not the right client for your product! 

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Ep 17: October 1, 2021: What's Next for the Real Estate Market?

For everyone asking what is happening with the real estate market, Chris begins to answer them in today's episode. Learn more about the data around homeownership and renting, and what strategies you can implement now in order to go big in 2022.

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Ep 16: September 24, 2021: Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

Chris gives you a behind-the-scenes take on the making of The Grind Podcast as he describes the difference between business owners and entrepreneurs. All business owners have to handle a certain level of pressure. Are you willing to be a risk-taker on top of it all?  

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Ep 15: September 17, 2021: Don't Sell Yourself Short

This week, Chris talks about navigating a common adversity: people who complain about your prices. You've likely heard the admonition to keep "an abundance mindset." But Chris has a fresh spin on why it's an essential frame of mind you should have as a business owner or entrepreneur! 

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Ep 14: September 10, 2021: The Accidental Landlord 

This week, Chris recounts the series of events that led to his "serendipitous" start in real estate. He also shares who was responsible for putting a new way of thinking into his head. Spoiler alert: It wasn't his dad! 

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Ep 13: September 3, 2021: Every Job is the Most Important Job

In this week's episode, Chris talks about what it takes to earn a good reputation, and how long-term loyalty starts with every person who makes up your business. 

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Ep 12: August 27, 2021: The #1 Tool to Get You Financing

This week, Chris shares the best tool for investors to begin generating passive income. Actually, it's a great tool to get financing for nearly every endeavor! Are you someone who's interested in financing, but have had negative experiences in the past, or you aren't confident asking for what you want?

Welcome to The Bank Book™️. Let Chris tell you all about it!

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Ep 11: August 20, 2021: What Real Estate Seminars Don't Tell You

Chris continues to tell the story about his early days in business, and how they led him to real estate investment. Hear about the 15-year 15-house plan that got out from under him, and what lessons he brought with him as a partner at REI Nation. 

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Ep 10: August 13, 2021: What They Don't Teach You in Business School

This week, Chris tackles his biggest lesson learned as an entrepreneur: that, even when you think you've done everything right, your business can still falter. 

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Ep 9: August 6, 2021: Don't Buy Cheap Houses

Chris talks the true meaning of "cheap" when it comes to investing in real estate. Often, the simple formula of buying cheap and selling for profit isn't all that simple. Tune in to hear more about the risks you'll encounter, and what steps you should take to mitigate them.

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Ep 8: July 30, 2021: There's No One Way to "Grind"

Chris talks about the different ways entrepreneurs get the work done. There's a fine line between learning from others and comparing yourself to others on the road to your passion. 

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Ep 7: July 23, 2021: The Difference Between Motivation & Passion

Chris shares a few personal stories about motivation, and talks about why passion is the stronger tool at your disposal. 

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Ep 6: July 16, 2021: You Don't Get What You Don't Ask For

In this week's podcast, Chris tells you how to accelerate your business, and walks through the questions you ask yourself to learn where to focus your effort. 

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Ep 5: July 9, 2021: Turn Your Side Hustle into a Business

This week, Chris hits business-dreamers with the must-haves when making the leap from hobby to hustle, and shares a few examples - one of which hits close to home. 

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Ep 4: July 2, 2021 Why Motivation Isn't Enough

In this week's podcast, Chris talks about something that all entrepreneurs share in common: the drive to see what's really possible. How do you get others to share your vision? How do you stay driven, even in the face of the unknown? We'll tell you how.

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Ep 3: June 25, 2021 Toughen Up! And Stop Apologizing

In this week's episode, Chris talks about what it looks like to treat yourself, your team, and your customers with "tough love." What does this mean? It means the customer is NOT always right! 

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Ep 2: June 18, 2021 Why Settle for an 8, When You Could Have a 10?

Why settle for an eight, when you could have a ten? This week, Chris explains how to work toward excellence by breaking down a few key strategies, like "ask better questions," "managing by wandering around," and "the 2%."

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Ep 1: June 11, 2021 Know What Business You're In

In the kickoff episode of The Grind Podcast, Chris delivers a hard-hitting, fast-paced, 15 minute podcast about forgetting what business you think you're in and understanding what business you need to be in.

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